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Poolside vending is an outstanding opportunity to get your product in front of hundreds of Big Bear ROMP attendees – men who travel from San Francisco, Vegas, Phoenix, SoCal and beyond.  Vending opportunities for 2018 are available.  Learn more.

We are WE THE PEOPLE CLOTHING. I have been doing Pride Festivals since 1984. The amount of changes that I have seen in these 30+ years is mind blowing, to the Supreme Courts ruling that makes my husband and I legal. These designs are mine, inspired by the journey that has been my life. Some political, some naughty, and some just for fun.

Bears, Cubs, Chubs, and Chasers, These are a few of my favorite things.

Searching for the perfect masculine jewelry items?  Unique Male Necklaces & Bracelets.

Come discover jewelry that has been hand- crafted one ring at a time.  Learn more.

For 30 years Nick Tarr has been a full time variety comedy entertainer and after a trip to Maui he was inspired to become a full time artist. This lead to developing Sweet Earth Art. Working with dicroic fused glass and acrylic paintings Nick Tarr creates one-of-a-kind gifts, paintings, jewelry and more. Nick attends art festivals and special events like Big Bear ROMP.  Learn more.


Come join our exclusive groups sailing with winemakers from around the world on luxury ocean and river cruise lines as well as land tours.  Exclusive group activities including wine tastings, educational seminars, private visits to boutique wineries around the world, and wine paired dinners.  Learn more.

Kenny KG is an award-winning artist and fashion-forward designer who leverages custom leather to create incredible fashion harnesses and accessories that empower the wearer. With each design he connects the exploration of dualities – masculine vs. feminine, hard vs. soft, raw vs. refined. Inspiration for the next American revolution is derived from underground fashion and fetish, fantasy and fine art culture of Los Angeles.  Learn more.


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